Extensive experience and a clear vision: innovation and sustainability at the service of quality.

Everything comes from the Earth

Since it first started, Mioorto’s history has fit with the history of horticulture in Bergamo which, a leader in progressive transformation, saw the creation of a district specialising in the production of fourth range products in the 1990s.

Today, the company has made local production and Italian quality two of its main pillars

It encourages the cultivation of local specialities and can guarantee seasonal production entirely within Italy.

Mioorto Carobbio
Mioorto Casazza
Mioorto Telgate
Mioorto Monterotondo


With a presence in traditional agriculture that has endured for generations, today Mioorto leads a group of producers located across the Italian territory. Over 180 hectares cultivated on six farms of our own and over 900 hectares cultivated by the producers within the organisation.

The vegetables are transported to four production plants in Carobbio degli Angeli, Telgate, Casazza and Monterotondo, where they are prepared to the utmost standards and quality with the Mioorto supply chain guarantee.

The Italian project that speaks the languages of the world

Expanding our horizons by looking to new markets that differ in their nutritional culture and knowledge of flavours. Testing the impact of our products in countries that have different eating habits to Italy. Developing targeted distribution strategies that focus on a widespread network of partners who share the company’s values: for Mioorto, internationalisation is not just a marker of economic growth but a parameter for assessing one’s own evolution.

The certification system for Mioorto products and our supply chain is testament to our commitment to providing the very best quality in terms of agricultural practices and production processes, all in order to achieve the goal that is most important to us: complete customer satisfaction.