Sustainability, environmental protection and respect for local habitats: it all starts from here.

Lamb’s Lettuce
Baby Lettuce
Baby leaf spinach

Red radicchio

Head lettuce (Iceberg / Trocadero / Gentile)
Endive (Curly / Escarole)

Sugarloaf chicory
Endive (Curly / Escarole)

Endive (Curly / Escarole)

Endive (Curly / Escarole)

Baby Leaf lettuce


Head lettuce (Iceberg / Trocadero / Gentile)

the fields

In order to offer the very best produce in terms of quality and safety, Mioorto implements concrete actions that make it possible to reduce environmental impact, respect good agricultural practices, safeguard natural resources and protect the landscape and human health.

Our fields are located in areas suited to specific crops, at different latitudes and altitudes, so as to maintain local and seasonal production. The new technological greenhouse system adapts in real time to temperature and light conditions, reducing emissions and water consumption, and ensuring consistent high-quality produce.

Some of our fields are also certified organic, with a more ethical commitment to the environment and produce that is qualitatively richer in nutrients.

supply chain

The choice of where to sow is the starting point of our supply chain. We have fields in every region of Italy, we sow at different latitudes and altitudes to ensure seasonal production and to guarantee fresh produce year round.
We cultivate our vegetables naturally and during optimum climate conditions, using the most advanced technology that we have available. These include multi-span greenhouses with an automated shading system, which help us reduce water consumption and optimise the internal microclimate.

When the plants are ripe, we harvest them using vegetable harvesters that cut the salads and immediately place them into crates. These electrically powered machines do not emit any fumes that might affect how healthy the produce is.

The salads are selected, cut and washed immediately after harvest. They are dried in a 38° dehumidified air tunnel that reduces residual moisture after washing to almost zero. The salads are then immediately cooled to 4° in a blast chilling tunnel. They are finally packaged up in a very short time, which maintains the healthy qualities of freshly picked vegetables.
Our produce leaves our production sites every day, meaning it arrives fresh to your table, without ever interrupting the cold chain. Heading across Italy and Europe, all our deliveries comply with strict health and hygiene standards and loading, transport and unloading controls.